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Students Participate in First Ever Story Walk with Local Author Dave Dellecese

students read sign Hart’s Hill Elementary School held its first ever Story Walk on May 17, where students had the opportunity to read a book by a local author and even hear from the author himself.

Local author Dave Dellecese was on hand to kick off the school book fair and discuss his children’s book, “The Little Lamp,” with the students.

The description of the book states: “Love is the greatest light there is and a small, well-loved lamp shines brightly on the McShane family for many years. As the household grows, a new, sleek lamp enters the home and the little lamp’s bright, loving glow begins to fade from his family’s attention. Tossed to the curb, he questions where he belongs and what purpose he now serves, until a kind woman rescues him from the garbage pile.”

As teachers led their students to each of the sign posts that displayed pages of the book, students took turns reading them and making predictions about the story as they went. Students excitedly made their way along the path to read the next page, anxiously waiting to see what was to become of the little lamp.

At the end of the Story Walk, Dellecese answered questions from the students. They were eager to know if there would be a sequel, and although Dellecese didn’t say for sure, he didn’t rule it out either.

“The Little Lamp” was on sale at the school book fair, which was organized by Mrs. Egresits and the PTO, and Dellecese was more than happy to autograph his books purchased at the school.

We are happy and proud to have a local author, parent of one of our Hart’s Hill students, and a community member as part of this event.

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