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Hart’s Hill 4th Graders Present ‘Great Americans of the 20th Century’

On June 20, fourth grade students at Hart’s Hill Elementary presented the play “Great Americans of the 20th Century” for two separate shows in the school cafeteria.

The play was an awards show for the greatest Americans of the 20th century, including statesmen, artists, athletes, musicians, scientists and more, with commercials in between the award presentations.

Some of the characters featured and awarded throughout the play included the Wright Brothers, Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Henry Ford and more. Attendees also got to see Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt duke it out to determine who the favorite Roosevelt was, and Babe Didrikson and Babe Ruth competed for who was the most athletic.

More than 50 fourth grade students participated in various roles, including as characters and members of the chorus, which sang nine songs.

The fourth grade class would like to thank the Hart’s Hill Elementary School PTO, and all of the teachers and staff who were involved in the production of the play for their efforts and support.

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students perform in play students perform in play