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Third Grade Students at Marcy Elementary School Work Together to Help Impoverished Families Around the World

Instead of a gift exchange during the holiday season, third grade students at Marcy Elementary School donated money to a charity called Heifer International.
Heifer International is an organization that works with communities across the globe with the goal of ending hunger and poverty. The charity aligns perfectly with the third grade Global Studies curriculum, and it prides itself on giving impoverished families a hand up, rather than a hand out.  students holding check
This year, the third grade team was able to purchase a llama for a Heifer family. It will most likely go to a family in Latin America. Llamas provide the invaluable resources of transportation, income and wool. Wool is prized for making blankets, ponchos, carpet and rope. Their padded hooves and unique grazing methods mean llamas live harmoniously in their Andean environment, helping to preserve the limited resources in the area.
A “Hope Basket” will also be purchased by the third grade students. The basket includes rabbits, which are easy to care for and reproduce quickly, allowing families to sell the offspring for income, as well as chickens, which lay eggs and provide manure for vegetable gardens.
Third Grade Teachers Mrs. Fiorini, Ms. Tucci and Miss Sutliff would like to thank their students and their families for their generosity and support. It provides meaning to the students’ daily studies and hopefully will inspire them to be active in our global community!