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WUTR Meteorologist Rachel Witter Visits Miss Sutliff’s Class

rachel witter holds up anemometer With just two paper cups, a pencil and a straw, third grade students in Miss Sutliff’s class at Marcy Elementary School got to try their hand at being a meteorologist with the help of WUTR Meteorologist Rachel Witter and anemometers that they built themselves.

Rachel Witter visited Miss Sutliff’s class on April 4, and during her visit she taught the students how to make their own anemometers, which measure the speed of wind. Students recently learned about anemometers and how they work, so they were excited to build their own.

As students worked, they also had the opportunity to ask Miss Witter questions, such as the biggest storm she’s experienced (Winter Storm Stella in 2017), whether or not she would ever want to chase tornadoes again (no!), and why she wanted to become a meteorologist in the first place (she loved the snow). She also talked to the students about what the process is like to become a meteorologist, and she explained that it involves a lot of math and science, so it would be a good profession for students who enjoy learning those things.

girl holds her anemometer After the students finished making their anemometers, Miss Witter talked to the students about how she predicts the forecast and how a green screen works when she’s telling the forecast on TV. The students then had the opportunity to create their own weather board that showed the type of weather for the following day, which included clouds, rain and snow, and the temperature, which was only going to be 41 degrees. While it was different than the digital weather boards that appear on television, it gave the students a good idea of what kind of information needs to be presented to those who are watching the weather.

With the weather being windy that day, it was the perfect opportunity for students to test out the anemometers they had just build, so after their visit with Miss Witter was over, they bundled up and headed outside to watch them spin.

Thank you to Rachel Witter for taking the time out of your day to visit Miss Sutliff’s class!

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