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More Than $2,000 Raised Through Kids Heart Challenge

teacher talks to students More than $2,000 was raised through this year’s Kids Heart Challenge at Westmoreland Road Elementary, which benefits the American Heart Association. Students participated in the challenge from March 18 through April 11.

During the kick-off event on March 18, a representative from the American Heart Association visited the school to explain the event to the students. She explained that the goal is for every student to live a heart-healthy lifestyle, and they can start by taking one of the American Heart Association’s Heart Challenges. When students signed up for the Kids Heart Challenge, they pledged to either be active for 60 minutes per day, drink water instead of sugary beverages, or do a good deed each day. During the kick-off students also watched a video that showed healthy habits and talked about how to be a heart hero.

students dancing Throughout the Kids Heart Challenge, students participated in cardio-pumping challenges such as jumping rope, they learned about how the heart works, pledged to improve their own health, and raised funds to help save and improve the lives of others.

This year’s challenge was online only, and students were able to register online and collect donations electronically without having to handle money or checks. Forty-six students registered online to participate in the challenge and they raised a total of $2,305.

During the finale event for the challenge on April 11, a Zumba instructor visited Westmoreland Road Elementary and all of the students danced along with the instructor. The representative from the American Heart Association also returned at the end of the day to present the Kids Heart Challenge flag to display in the school gymnasium.

Thank you to everyone who participated and made the Kids Heart Challenge a success once again!

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