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Coronavirus Update (MS) 3/13/20 - 3:10 PM

Dear Parents/Guardians and School Community,

At approximately 7:55 a.m. this morning, we had a situation arise at our Middle School in which one of our employees notified the Principal that s/he was previously in contact with someone who later tested positive for the Coronavirus.  To be clear, it was not the employee who tested positive, it was the person outside the district with whom our employee came into contact.
As a precaution, students were held on buses.  Those students who were brought to school or walked were directed to the auditorium.  We immediately contacted health officials and took actions based on their guidance.  The employee who notified the principal was sent home. As an additional precaution, those individuals with whom the employee came into contact while on campus this morning were sent home as well.  Students were then released from buses and were directed to the auditorium where I personally met with all students and staff to explain the situation and answer any questions they had.  Based on the official guidance we received from health officials, normal activities were resumed.

A mass notification call providing details of the situation was sent out to all parents of students in the District.  All staff were notified internally as well.

Throughout the day, students were released to parents who elected to pick them up from school.

We continually maintained communication with the Oneida County Health Department and our School Medical Director as the situation developed.  After their thorough review of all the facts, they informed us it was safe for all employees who were sent home to return to work, with the exception of the person who had the direct contact.

As you know, the Coronavirus Pandemic is fluid and changing rapidly.  Our plan at this time is to continue to operate as usual unless circumstances dictate otherwise.  We will continue to provide updates via our website and mass notification system.  As a reminder, the Centers for Disease Control regularly updates their website with information and recommendations, and can be found at

Last week, we asked teachers to prepare ten days worth of independent work for students should the need to close school arise.  That work is being sent home today as originally planned, along with an accompanying letter.   As a reminder, that work only needs to be done in the event of a school closure.  Please store it safely so it is available in the event that it needs to be completed.

We understand and appreciate that you, as parents, are most familiar with the circumstances surrounding your family and child(ren).  We understand and respect the decisions you make that you determine are in their best interests.

My sincere thanks to you and our entire school community for your continued support and patience as we work through this very unique situation. We will continue working together to keep everyone safe during this uncertain time.  

For more information and resources related to the Coronavirus, please visit

Thank you,

Dr. Brian K. Bellair
Superintendent of Schools