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Whitesboro Athletics Holds Annual Captain’s Meeting

It’s not often that more than 70 years of history comes together in one room. But for some of Whitesboro High School’s finest athletes, it’s a regular occurrence.

Captains and their coaches from all of Whitesboro’s varsity spring sports teams, along with 14 Whitesboro alums, got together on March 25 for a captain’s meeting. The annual meeting, which is in its 6th year, took place in the John Quackenbush Wrestling Room at the high school and is held at the start of every sports season. This time around, a member of the Whitesboro Class of 1944 and Class of 2022 were present, ensuring that multiple generations were able to interact with one another.  Captain's Meeting

Michael Deuel, Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics at Whitesboro, says the annual captain’s meeting is a great way for current athletes and captains to better understand and respect Whitesboro’s rich history and tradition. “Being named a captain is a big honor and with it, comes a lot of responsibility,” said Deuel. “We bring back some of Whitesboro’s former athletes and captains because they are leaders and they know what it takes to become one. Their experiences are nothing but beneficial for our current athletes and captains.”

In addition to leadership, Middle School Principal John Egresits, Class of 1989, as well as High School Principal Jeff Kuhn and High School Assistant Principal Mark Frye, all talked about how to be a good teammate, what it takes to be successful and, perhaps above all, how to be a good role model. Egresits son, John (Class of 2022), also took the podium. He wished every captain and team good luck this season and asked that at least one team win a state title!

Before the meeting wrapped up, Deuel offered all of the alums a chance to speak. Marty Herthum, Class of 1972, jumped at the opportunity.

“In college, most of the time you are just a number. But, at Whitesboro, you are given the opportunity to be more than that,” said Herthum. “Coaches know you, work with you and are there for you.”

Whitesboro Alumni Association Corresponding Secretary Gertrude Hovey also spoke. As always, she shared bits of fun and interesting history about Whitesboro’s varsity sports teams.

“It’s always a great event and we look forward to keeping this tradition alive,” said Deuel. “What our student-athletes, captains, coaches and community needs to understand is when one team wins, everyone wins. That’s winning both on the field and in the classroom.”

And before everyone parted ways, Deuel chimed, “We are The Whitesboro High School. Represent it proudly.”

The following alums attended the captain’s meeting:

Mike Carney (2004) – Football, Indoor and Outdoor Track
Aaron Cirasuolo (1994) – Basketball and Baseball
John Egresits (1989) – Football and Baseball
Jean Head (1944) – Basketball and Cheerleading
Mike Head (1973) – Football and Track
Paul Head (1974) – Football and Wrestling
Marty Herthum (1972) – Basketball and Baseball
Lauren Hoffman (2008) – Field Hockey and Softball
John Hoke (1972) – Basketball and Baseball
Gertrude Hovey (1951) – Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Bowling, Soccer and Tumbling
Ben Karas (1985) – Baseball and Soccer
Ben Schoen (2000) – Football, Hockey and Lacrosse
Tom Schoen, Jr. (1989) – Football and Lacrosse
Bob Vanderzell (1969) – Soccer, Basketball and Baseball

Below, are the names of Whitesboro’s coaches and captains for the spring sport season:

Varsity Baseball:
Coach – Tom Maggiolino
Assistant Coaches – Art Loomis, Anthony Coriale
Captains – Matt Yozzo, Kevin Flynn, Nick Casper

Varsity Golf:
Coach – Gene Kaczor
Captains – Matt Best, Sam Tornatore

Boys Varsity Lacrosse:
Coach – Sean Temple
Assistant Coach – Brett Merritt
Captain – Zachary Midura

Girls Varsity Lacrosse:
Coach – Ben Schoen
Assistant Coach – Sam Getman
Captains – Mary Stuhlman, Caroline Wiley

Varsity Softball:
Coach – Lauren Hoffman
Assistant Coach – Donna Deuel
Captains – Kristyn Deuel, Alexa Wojtowocz

Boys Varsity Tennis:
Coach – Shaun Kaleta
Captains – Dylan Miller, Connor Larrison, Logan Jakubowicz

Boys Varsity Track:
Coach – Brian Holtslag
Assistant Coach – Todd Boudreau
Captains – Nick Cecilia, Joel Yocum, Tyler Sutton

Girls Varsity Track:
Coach – Andy Pruckno
Assistant Coach – Mike Carney
Captains – Justyna Wilkinson, Danielle Royal, Nadia Zayas