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Wintry Weather Forces Spring Sports Teams to Adapt

The spring sports season already has its fair share of challenges. Compared to the fall and winter sports seasons, the spring season is the shortest. So, every year, players, coaches and their teams have less time to prepare for their first game and beyond. However, this spring, Mother Nature is adding another wrinkle. The leftover snow and unseasonably cold temperatures is throwing every team, from baseball to tennis, for a loop.  Whitesboro Warrior

At many area schools, including Whitesboro, teams of all kinds have been forced to practice indoors due to, you guessed it, the weather. Since the spring sports season officially began on March 9, Whitesboro’s boys and girls outdoor track teams have been more like a giant indoor team, running the halls of the high school more than the lanes of the track around Ed Wadas Field. And, it doesn’t stop there.

The baseball and softball teams are struggling to find the diamond and have made the high school gym their temporary home. On the other hand, the Boys Varsity Tennis team, aside from a few practices at the Paragon Athletic Club in New Hartford, has been stuck inside the gym at Marcy Elementary School. As for the lacrosse teams, they have been spotted practicing in one of the parking lots at the high school. Last but not least, there’s the golf team. They, along with all golfers, will be lucky to step foot on a course by May.

With that said, Michael Deuel, Whitesboro’s director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics, says all of Whitesboro’s players and coaches are doing everything imaginable to prepare and be as close to 100 percent ready as possible.

On March 31, WKTV reporter Gary Liberatore stopped by a boys varsity tennis practice inside the gym at Marcy Elementary School. Below, is a link to Gary’s story. As you will see, the team isn’t wasting any time inside, but is rather taking advantage of it. In addition to conditioning, footwork drills and strength exercises, the team has spent time learning and practicing proper volleying and serving techniques, as well as the correct grips and court positioning.

The 2015 Boys Varsity Tennis team, which returns 8 of 10 starters from last year’s squad, is looking to improve on last season’s 4-10 record.
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WKTV Story on Whitesboro Boys Varsity Tennis Team: Tennis Indoors?