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Whitesboro Athletics Debuts New Batting Cage

Inside or outside?

If you ask any Whitesboro baseball or softball player where they would prefer to practice, it’s a safe bet most, if not all, would say outside. However, thanks to a major upgrade, practicing inside doesn’t have to be as bad as it sounds.  new batting cage at high school

On April 18, the Whitesboro Athletic Department installed a brand new, state of the art batting cage, replacing the current batting cage which is more than 30 years old. The new batting cage isn’t your typical batting cage, either. It’s much easier to set up because it’s retractable, meaning it can fold into the ceiling of the high school gym and then be lowered again when needed.

“It was time to give our student-athletes better practice equipment to help for game preparation,” said Michael Deuel, director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics at Whitesboro. “The new batting cage replaces a very outdated batting cage that took longer to set up and took important practice time away from our baseball and softball teams. The new batting cage has a lot of potential.”

Coaches say they plan on utilizing the new batting cage as much as possible, not just when the weather is inclement. The new batting cage is something that will be used by teams at every level - - modified, junior varsity and varsity. It can also be used before home games and during practices and clinics held during the summer.

Thank you to the Whitesboro Baseball and Softball Boosters who helped fund the new batting cage.