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“Cardio Dance” a Fun Hit in High School Physical Education Classes

Bruno Mars, Shaggy and Taylor Swift - - and the list goes on. Those are just some of the top 40 artists that students in Mrs. Rothdiener’s and Mrs. Warner’s high school physical education classes have been listening, and more importantly, dancing to.

All this week, Brittany Venezio of Body by Design, a fitness studio located in New Hartford, is at Whitesboro High School, offering a cardio dance unit to all 9-12 girls physical education classes. Although cardio dance isn’t new to Whitesboro, the one week unit is the first time Mrs. Rothdiener’s and Mrs. Warner’s students are doing cardio dance this school year.  cardio dance in gym

For many, it’s a welcomed change.

“It’s another option in class, other than a typical sport,” said Rothdiener.

The workout fad is also preparing students for the future.

“By having Brittany come in, we are utilizing community resources, promoting local businesses and letting our students know what’s out there and available to them to stay in shape after graduation,” said Warner.

Brittany Venezio has been a cardio dance instructor for three years. She says the workout is more than just dancing to music.

“Not only are you getting great exercise, but it’s a mood enhancer,” said Venezio. “It’s a workout that is easy to enjoy and helps burn calories, while allowing you to walk away with a better mood.”

However, Venezio stresses that the idea behind cardio dance is to have fun and stay active, not to solely focus on burning those frequently thought about calories.

“The goal is to think less about calories and to have fun through fitness instead,” said Venezio. “If you’re having fun and staying active, it’s irrelevant what’s happening to your body because you should love yourself inside and out.”

Rothdiener and Warner plan to offer the cardio dance unit again next year.

If you’re interested in taking a cardio dance class or learning more, contact Brittany Venezio at 272.8932 or