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High School Health Students Being Encouraged to Make Healthy Decisions

The Whitesboro High School Health Department is working hard to make sure its students are aware of and have access to important information regarding their health.

Each semester, High School Health Teacher Jennifer Delay invites guest speakers from various local health organizations into her classroom to talk directly to her students.  High School Health Class Visit

On May 21, two guest speakers from the Center for Family Life and Recovery came in to discuss the dangers of heroin and opiate use, which New York state now mandates be included in a school district’s health education curriculum.

“As a department, it is very important to us that we give our students the knowledge, skills and resources in health class so that they can make healthy decisions now and in the future,” said Delay. “It is imperative that we educate them on the health organizations available and accessible to them in our community and the services and information they provide.”

Speakers from the following organizations have also visited Whitesboro’s health classes:

*What each organization discussed is in parenthesis.

-ACR Health (HIV/AIDS)
-CareNet Pregnancy Center (Teen Pregnancy)
-Central New York Area Health Education Center (Health Occupations and Careers)
-National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NetSmartz Workshop)
-New York State Developmentally Disabled Service Offices (Non-Communicable Diseases)
-Oneida County Health Department (Tobacco Use)
-Oneida County Sheriff’s Office (STOP DWI Program)
-Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES (Dignity for All Students Act)
-St. Elizabeth Trauma Center (“Think First” Program)
-Utica Safe Schools (Teen Suicide Prevention)
-YWCA of the Mohawk Valley (Teen Dating Relationships)

The Whitesboro High School Health Department invites guest speakers into the classroom each semester of every school year.

The photo gallery below is from the Family Life and Recovery Center’s visit on May 21.