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Proceeds from High School Talent Show Donated to Spring Farm Cares

The first ever “Whitesboro’s Talent Show” was not only a hit, but benefitted an important cause.

The high school’s Environmental Action Club, which organized the show, donated the proceeds to Spring Farm Cares - - an animal and nature sanctuary located on Route 12 in Clinton.  check presentation - group photo

Spring Farm Cares, which rescues and provides care to displaced animals, is home to more than 250 animals, including horses, donkeys, goats, dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and poultry. The sanctuary is made up of approximately 250 acres of forest, wetland and grassland.

The Environmental Action Club presented a $250 check to the Spring Farm Cares on April 11 at the high school. For Mr. Bertrand, a science teacher at the high school and co-advisor of the Environmental Action Club, the organization is close to his heart. Both he and fellow club co-advisor, Mrs. Reader, have a love for animals - - particularly horses. Mrs. Reader is a horse rider and trainer and Mr. Bertrand’s wife and daughter are both riders. Mr. Bertrand also tragically lost a horse in a barn fire 10 years ago.

“A week before the talent show, I saw on social media that they had rescued four horses,” said Bertrand. “I said we have to do something to help.”

The talent show took place on March 31 in the high school auditorium. There were 17 acts and five winners. The top three acts took home a small cash prize. The winners were:

First Place – Tanner Houell (Magic/Cards)
Second Place – Kylie Lansing (Dance)
Third Place – Katherine Wynn and Ellie Not (Vocal/Acoustic Guitar)
Fourth Place (tie) – Matt Aceto (Vocal/Acoustic Guitar); Chris Senus and Sean Arnold (“Who’s on First?”)
Fifth Place (tie) – Alexis Czeck, Ken Field, Tyler Lybolt, Spencer Wyman and Amanda Lindsay (A’Capella); Victoria Zelows (Piano)

In December, the Environmental Action Club made a donation to Stevens-Swan Humane Society in Utica.

The club plans on making the talent show an annual event.

Congratulations to all who participated!