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Whitesboro High School Highlights Annual Youth Appreciation Collage Concert

On Thursday, Oct. 25, Whitesboro High School held its 47th annual Youth Appreciation Collage Concert presented by the Optimist Club of Whitestown. The concert featured performances that represent “a day in the life of the music department,” showcasing each of the large ensembles while also highlighting small groups and solo performances.

This annual performance is always eagerly anticipated by the community, as it highlights the many different opportunities students have to participate in the music program at the high school. The concert format is also a unique experience: each performance is followed by another in a new location of the auditorium and there is no applause in between. The concert flows from a performance on the stage, to a solo in the back of the auditorium, to another ensemble performing on the risers. It is truly a unique concert to experience, and the music department is incredibly thankful for all who came to enjoy the music.

Some of the featured pieces from the concert included “The Phantom of the Opera” performed by the Full Orchestra, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” performed by the Sweet Adelines, “The Carman’s Whistle” performed by the Low Brass Trio, “La Confession” performed by the Senior String Quartet, “Suite 3, Prelude” performed by cello soloist Katherine Wynn, “The Village Maid” performed by the Flute Ensemble, and “Treasure” performed by the Jazz Ensemble, in addition to many other solos and ensembles.

The time and coordination needed for this performance is extensive, and the music department would like to thank the students for their dedication in making this concert a success. The music department would also like to thank the Optimist Club for their support of our students.

Students sing at Youth Appreciation Collage Concert Students perform at the Youth Appreciation Collage Concert Student sings at Youth Appreciation Collage Concert