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Whitesboro Senior Spencer Wyman Wins Regional Math Competition at MVCC

Spencer Wyman, winner of math competition On Wednesday, Nov. 14, eight Whitesboro High School students competed at a regional high school mathematics competition at Mohawk Valley Community College, and Whitesboro senior Spencer Wyman was the winner of the entire competition.

Other participants from Whitesboro included seniors Samantha DeCondo, Zachary Gorgas and Kylie Lansing, and juniors Drake Dowd, Kelcie Mulligan, Maria Piccione and Mark Polk.

Seventeen schools were represented at the competition, and approximately 125 students competed.

Some of the prizes Spencer received for winning included $50 cash, Dunkin’ Donuts and Amazon gift cards, a free course at MVCC for the spring/summer semester, a certificate, and a Pi symbol trophy.

Congratulations to Spencer, and to all of the Whitesboro students who competed!