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Westmoreland Road Fourth and Fifth Graders Learn About Anti-Bullying Strategies

student shows drawing to class Fourth and fifth grade students at Westmoreland Road Elementary School have been learning more about the Dignity for All Students Act and how they can prevent bullying in their school.

On Friday, Jan. 4, Mark Zalocha of the Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES visited the fourth and fifth grade classes to talk to them more about some anti-bullying strategies.

Students were tasked with drawing the different parts of a person – a head, torso and legs – and the different drawings were put together to create a unique individual. Students took turns showing the class their person and discussing what made those people special, and what features they could compliment them on.

Students offered up compliments and talked about what they liked about the person that had been drawn, and it opened the door for a discussion into how they can compliment and treat their fellow  mr zalocha shows drawing to class classmates kindly. Discussions were had about how every person is unique, which is something to be celebrated rather than ridiculed, and students discussed how they can prevent bullying if they hear someone being mean to another classmate.

Prior to the visit on Jan. 4, Mr. Zalocha held an assembly with the fourth and fifth graders on Dec. 13 where he focused on DASA and school climate. By giving students the chance to learn more about DASA, school climate and strategies to prevent bullying, Westmoreland Road Elementary School is working hard to remain a positive, inclusive environment for all.

Thank you Mr. Zalocha for taking the time to visit with our fourth and fifth grade students!

Click here to view more photos from Mr. Zalocha's visit.