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Whitesboro CSD Receives Recognition for Safety Initiatives

The Whitesboro Central School District is being recognized for the initiatives it has taken to keep students and staff safe each and every day.

At Utica National’s School Risk Management Seminar in Syracuse on March 19, Whitesboro CSD was one of several schools that was awarded through the Utica National 2019 School Safety Excellence Award Program. Whitesboro CSD was one of 13 local school districts and BOCES organizations that was awarded Titanium with Honors.

Of the local districts that were awarded Titanium with Honors for their school safety initiatives, Whitesboro CSD was the sole recipient of the Special Recognition. This honor was given due to the District’s efforts addressing safety measures such as student and staff training, building access control, lockdown procedures and devices (blue lights, door hardening and lockdown integration devices/protocols), and community training initiatives.

Accepting the award on behalf of the District were: Whitesboro Board of Education President Michael Head, Assistant Superintendent for Business Joseph Muller, Assistant Superintendent for Learning and Accountability David Russo, Middle School Campus Principal John Egresits, Deerfield Elementary Principal Kelli McGowan, Director of Facilities and Maintenance Kevin Storsberg, and Director of Information and Instructional Technology Adam Cleveland.

Safety and security remains a top priority within the Whitesboro Central School District, and the District continues to enhance these efforts and initiatives at every opportunity. The District’s proposed 2020 Capital Project includes safety and security enhancements such as cameras, doors and building access control measures, and an emergency notification system, which would further ensure the safety of all Whitesboro students and staff.

school staff accept award