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High School Earth Science Students Present at Utica College Science Fair

On March 23, twelve students from Mrs. Williams’ and Mr. Greco’s classes represented Whitesboro High School at the annual Utica College Science Fair.

Participants from Mrs. Williams’ class:

- Sebastian Banasik - Measuring Resistance of Different Metals

- Richard Bouck - Electromagnetic Radiation from your Iphone

- Ava Block - The Lowest Effective Alcohol Concentration on Surface Bacteria

- Sara Papale - Effect of Caffeine on Heart Rate

- Samuel Dubina - 5 Second Rule

- Alexander Golovchik - What Makes Ice Melt the Fastest?

- Olivia Wiehenstroer - How Does Light Intensity Change with Distance?


Participants from Mr. Greco’s class:

- Carson Cook - Effect of Salt on Peak Temperature of Boiling Water

- Carolyn Manna - Red Wax vs. Blue Wax

- Aubree Smith- Effect of Sodium Chloride Runoff on Plant Growth

- Louis Misaszek - The Effect of Carbon Dioxide on the Acidification of Fresh Water and Ocean Water

- Julie Hong - The Effects of Sugar and Salt on Bean Sprout Growth


The following Whitesboro students placed in the science fair or won special awards:

- Natural Science Category: Louis Misaszek - 4th place

- Physical Science Category: Sebastian Banasik - 2nd place, Carson Cook - 3rd place, Carolyn Manna - 4th place

- Yale Science and Engineering Association Award: Sebastian Banasik

- Mu Alpha Theta Award: Sebastian Banasik

- The Copernicus Prize: Olivia Wiehenstroer

- Utica College National Alumni Council Award: Alexander Golovchik

- The Majka Award for Ecology: Louis Misiaszek

- NASA Earth System Science Award: Louis Misiaszek

- Stockholm Junior Water Prize: Louis Misiaszek, Aubree Smith

- American Meteorological Society Award: Louis Misiaszek

- ONR Naval Science Award: Louis Misiaszek


- The Doc Aaronson Award: Ava Block

- Pratt & Whitney Metals Award: Sara Papale

- Doris Miga Award: Sara Papale

- U.S. Metric Association Award: Julie Hong

- Society for In Vitro Biology Award: Julie Hong


Congratulations to all!

Click here to view photos from the Utica College Science Fair.