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Students Stay Active During First Day of Deerfield Wellness Warriors

Students at Deerfield Elementary School are staying active and learning about healthy habits with a new after-school program that kicked off on Thursday, April 25.

Deerfield Wellness Warriors is a new program run by Deerfield teachers Sarah Cifonelli and Erica Pendrak. The program is aligned with the Whitesboro Central School District’s Wellness Initiative to promote healthy habits and exercise.

On the first day of the program, students began with some warm-up exercises and stretches outside. Once they had warmed up, the students headed back inside the school where different obstacles and exercise mats were set up throughout the hallways. Students took turns two at a time going through each of the obstacles and events, which included things such as hurdles, a tunnel to crawl through, basketball dribbling, and more. Between each of the events, students had to do different exercises that included sit ups, jumping jacks and burpees, among others.

During the hour-long program students had the opportunity to go through the entire course more than once, and they finished with some cool down stretches.

Deerfield Wellness Warriors will be a year-long program for students to participate in on a quarterly basis. During the program they’ll participate in fitness and wellness-related activities such as exercise, nutrition and teamwork. The program is for all Deerfield Elementary students in grades K-5.

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