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Environmental Action Club Helping Environment Through Community Collaborations

student builds bird house The Environmental Action Club at Whitesboro High School is taking their initiatives to help the environment and the community a step further this year by increasing their collaborations with several local organizations, including Spring Farm Cares, a local animal and nature sanctuary in Clinton, New York.

In the past, the Environmental Action Club has donated proceeds to Spring Farm Cares that were raised through events such as Fall Fest, the Earth Day Celebration and the Talent Show. This year the club decided to take on several projects to help Spring Farm Cares even further.

Students in the Environmental Action Club are currently building cedar bird boxes to replace the older, worn out blue bird boxes at Spring Farm Cares. The students bought enough materials to build 20 bird boxes, which they’re building with the help of a template.

Another project that the club is currently working on involves growing plants for Spring Farm Cares. Back in February, a member of Spring Farm Cares visited the high school to bring seedlings of New York state indigenous species for planting. The club bought the necessary planters, soil and lighting to grow the plants, which will be re-planted on the Spring Farm Cares property this spring.

On June 8, the club will once again go to Spring Farm Cares to help plant White Pine Saplings to help repopulate the area with the once abundant, ecologically important species. Last year more than 125 White Pine Saplings were planted.

Through these collaborations with local, environmentally conscious organizations, the Environmental Action Club continues to make a positive impact on the local community.

Click here to view more photos of students building bird houses.