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West Road Runners Concludes with 3rd Annual Fun Run

three students run Nearly 50 students and teachers from Westmoreland Road Elementary School participated in the third annual Fun Run on June 11.

The roughly two-mile run, which started at the Gibson Road Town Park in Whitestown and ended at Westmoreland Road Elementary School, was the culminating activity for West Road Runners. The program was launched by Westmoreland Road Elementary School in January 2017 to inspire, cultivate and empower students to make good choices, improve self-esteem and promote good overall health.

The running program, which combines physical fitness with character building, kicked off on October 11 and was held every other Thursday for one hour before the start of school. Sixty-two students in grades 3-5 participated in a total of 15 sessions. They received instruction from teacher volunteers Mrs. Aiello, Mrs. Alder, Ms. Candella, Mrs. Ryan, Mrs. Zalatan, Mrs. Karas and Coach Lenard.

The following students and teachers participated in the Fun Run:

Third Grade: Joseph Bottini, Victoria Carino, Audrey Cencetti, Isabella Duffy, Cheyenne Ferguson, Isadora Flemma, Adriana Fowler, Jillian Huening, Mia LaShure, Travis Leitz, Nicholas Little, Sean Reader, Hayden Reppel, Hannah Roberts, Matthew Ryan, Joslyn Stevens, Nathan Webb

students participate in fun run Fourth Grade: Chloe Aiello, Dominick Ambrose, Mallory Hughes, Brooke Kernan, Cate Kernan, Dillan Kostolecki, Cameron Riley-Jones, Andrew Sfeir, Davina Turczyn, Christian Vella, Brodie Wengert, Nathan Zalatan, Emma Zyskowski

Fifth Grade: Samari Bland, Arthur Cornine, Kayleigh Davis, Carly Deangelis, Savannah Ferguson, Kyle Little, Joey Perras, Mireya Pinkos, Jeffrey Reppel, Alexander Wehrenberg, Leo Wengert, Marcus Zalatan

Teachers: Mrs. Aiello, Mrs. Alder, Ms. Candella, Coach Lenard, Mrs. Ryan, Mrs. Zalatan

Yogurt donated by Chobani and water, granola bars and fruit donated by Hannaford’s were available at the finish line.

Westmoreland Road Elementary School and its West Road Runners program would like to thank Chobani and Hannaford’s for their generous donations, the Whitestown Police Department for assisting with traffic control, and the many teachers and parents who volunteered their time to make the event a success.

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