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Westmoreland Road Elementary Holds Annual Fun Day

student jumps over hurdle Westmoreland Road Elementary School capped off the 2018-19 school year with its annual Fun Day – a 90 minute session devoted to just fun and games – on June 21. The event was organized by Westmoreland Road’s Physical Education Department.

Several “fun” stations were set up outside the school for students to participate in. Students took turns playing Leaky Cup Relay, Scooter Sponge Relay, Ring Toss, Balance Relays, Cup Stacking, Cornhole, KanJam, Hot Spots (basketball), Tire Tug-of-War and Limbo. Kindergarten, first and second graders participated in the morning session, while third, fourth and fifth graders participated in the afternoon session.

students pose for photo The Physical Education Department worked with the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society department chairs, Mrs. Alexander and Mrs. Butka, to develop a list of volunteers. Nineteen high school students volunteered during the morning session and 26 students from the middle and high school volunteered during the afternoon session. From running stations to being a watchful eye, all of the volunteers helped make the Fun Day tradition a success and something every child looks forward to.

During the Fun Day, the graduating seniors who were previously students at Westmoreland Road Elementary School also visited the students in their caps and gowns and walked the circle at the front of the school, where the elementary students were waiting with signs and cheers to congratulate them on their graduation.

Westmoreland Road Elementary would like to thank all of the volunteers for helping out and remembering their “roots.”

The Fun Day was sponsored by the Westmoreland Road Elementary School PTO. The PTO kindly provided every student with a West. Road bracelet, along with pretzels to snack on throughout the day.

Westmoreland Road Elementary School hopes everyone had a blast and that everyone has a safe, enjoyable summer!

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