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Middle School Science Classes Test Water in Sauquoit Creek

Student and woman from Onondaga Environmental Institute stand in the creek On Oct. 9, students in Mrs. Mattison and Mrs. Butka’s seventh grade science classes at Whitesboro Middle School had the opportunity to take a walk to the Sauquoit Creek and perform tests in order to determine the health of the creek.

Each of the students were assigned to perform a variety of different tests and work on specific areas of the creek. Amy Samuels and Stephanie Johnson from Onondaga Environmental Institute were also on-hand to observe and help the students with their work.

Students tested for an array of abiotic factors, including the temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and water depth. To test for biotic factors, students collected macro invertebrates to identify.

The next day, students analyzed all of their data to determine the Sauquoit Creek’s health, and it was determined that the creek is healthy.

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