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Parkway Students Continue Annual Tradition of Decorating Gingerbread Houses

On Friday, Dec. 20, sixth grade students at Parkway continued the school’s annual tradition of decorating gingerbread houses before the start of winter break.

Mrs. Maxwell, a social studies teacher at Parkway, says she began the project of decorating gingerbread houses with her students early on in her teaching career. Other teachers began joining in on the project, and now it’s a building-wide activity that all students and teachers participate in.

“We like to do something for our students to thank them for their hard work thus far, and just something fun to do for the holidays,” Mrs. Maxwell said.

Teachers were tasked with building the gingerbread houses the day prior, and each student was tasked with bringing in candy and other edible items to decorate the houses with. Holiday music and movies played while the students decorated, and fun was had by all!

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students decorating gingerbread houses two students smile for camera