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District Email for MS and Parkway Students

Currently, students are provided with Google email (Gmail) accounts in grades 9-12. To ensure that we are able to maximize communication between our students and teachers during this period of remote learning, this access is being extended to grades 6-8, effective 4/22/20.  Student email addresses consist of each student’s Active Directory/Google username ending with (e.g.,  

More information is available at and  We encourage you to review this additional information.

Uses for Student Email
Email is a powerful communication tool for students that can increase communication and collaboration. Students should be encouraged to check their email at least once per day. Teachers may send email to students to communicate reminders, course content, pose questions related to class work, or to relay other instructional information. Students may send email to their teachers with questions or comments regarding courses. Students may also send email to other students with whom they are collaborating with on group projects, other assignments, or as instructed.

Students are only able to send or receive email to/from other email addresses, and a small number of other domains that have been whitelisted for specific purposes such as college applications ( Students are able to access email from any computer or mobile device, both in and outside of school.  

Content Filtering and Monitoring
Email sent within the Whitesboro CSD domain is monitored and/or filtered based upon content. Rules and filters are set up to monitor student email for profanity, harassment, and other inappropriate content. Student email that is identified as inappropriate will be reviewed by the school administration.  Additional information regarding content filtering and monitoring is detailed in the Whitesboro CSD Acceptable Use Policy.