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Weather and Emergency-Related Closings

As we’ve now had our first glimpse of winter, we would like to clarify expectations regarding weather and emergency-related closings.  You may be aware that NYS has given schools the option of remaining open on a fully-remote basis rather than utilize a weather or emergency closing day.  While this option would allow instruction to continue for that day, the most likely result would be the reduction of a day of instruction later in the year based on the requirement that schools be in session for 180 days each school year, inclusive of Superintendent’s Conference Days.  To account for emergency closings, the District establishes a calendar with 185 days in session each year, 5 of which are emergency closing days.

We realize that an emergency closing for any reason can significantly impact the dynamic in households in numerous ways. Older siblings may now have the obligation of supervising younger siblings making it difficult or not possible for them to participate in remote instruction. Younger children may spend the day at alternate child care locations that may lack access to the internet and other necessary learning materials.

This year, weather emergencies can present additional challenges impacting remote learning, including power outages, broadband issues, and parents being unable to assist with their child’s remote learning based on the impact the emergency has on them and their schedules.

After careful consideration, we have decided that if we must close due to weather or other emergency, there will be no in-person or remote instruction or instructional assignments for that day.  Should circumstances change, we do have the option to revisit this at any point this year.  As always, thank you for your continued support of our District.