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Results from Return to School Survey

Prior to returning to a hybrid model of learning on Monday, January 25, the Whitesboro Central School District conducted a Return to School Survey to give parents and guardians the opportunity to provide feedback regarding the planned return.

While completing the survey, parents and guardians indicated whether their child would return to hybrid learning on their assigned cohort days during the week of January 25, their child would resume hybrid learning on their assigned cohort days during the week of February 22, or their child would remain fully remote for 10 weeks or more.

A total of 2,057 responses were received. At each of the seven school buildings, the majority of parents and guardians indicated that their child would be returning to school the week of January 25.  

The number of parents and guardians who indicated their child would return the week of January 25 included: 162 at Deerfield Elementary, 200 at Hart's Hill Elementary, 177 at Marcy Elementary, 167 at Westmoreland Road Elementary, 86 at Parkway, 210 at the Middle School, and 365 at the High School.

More information about the responses recorded can be found in the graphs below. 

Thank you to all of the parents and guardians who took the time to participate in the Return to School Survey.

Deerfield return to school results Hart's Hill return to school results Marcy return to school results West Rd return to school results Parkway return to school results Middle School return to school results High School return to school results