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UPDATED: Whitesboro High School Renaissance Committee Recognizes Academic Excellence

UPDATE: Many of the envelopes that were mailed out were returned the week of 2/22 as the result of a postage issue. The envelopes in question are being sent back out for delivery and should make it home by the following week. If you have any questions, contact Mr. Cognetti at

The Whitesboro High School Renaissance Committee is making sure that academic excellence does not go unnoticed, even during these difficult times.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, our traditional academic rally could not be held. In lieu of hosting the event, the committee decided to purchase pizza certificates and stylus pens for the students who qualified. Each student will also receive a letter of congratulations signed by the building principals.

Beginning on February 11, the 441 students who had at least an 80 average in each of their classes during the second marking period will receive a prize pack from the committee. Students who are attending in person under the hybrid model will receive them at school and any student that has opted to stay remote will receive theirs in the mail.

“The mission of our program is to recognize, reward, and celebrate academic excellence,” said Mr. David Jecko, chairperson of the Renaissance Committee and a math teacher at the high school. “We strive to increase student performance and foster a partnership between Whitesboro High School and our community.”

Franco’s Pizza, located in the Whitestown Plaza in Whitesboro, provided the pizza certificates at a discounted rate. A big thank you to High School Principal Mr. Kuhn who secured the additional funding for the student gifts.

Congratulations to all of the students who qualified and, in many cases, exceeded the standards set by the Renaissance Committee.