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Return to Full In-Person Learning April 12

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Regional COVID-19 conditions, access to vaccinations, and the latest scientific evidence continue to improve the outlook for increased student capacity in schools.  This morning, the Oneida County Health Department released new guidance that allows for reduced physical distancing provided physical barriers or face shields are used in conjunction with appropriate masking, hand washing, and enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols.  In anticipation of these potential changes, we procured sufficient supplies of face shields and additional face masks.  

After reviewing this new guidance with the Board of Education and consulting with our Medical Director and School Attorney, we will be allowing all students to return to school 5 days per week for in-person learning beginning April 12, 2021.  As an added precaution, we will be conducting voluntary student and staff COVID-19 testing prior to our full return on the 12th.     We will continue COVID-19 surveillance testing throughout the remainder of the school year. 

We continue to refine our plans to address specific situations and logistics, such as bus schedules, school meals, physical education, and music classes.  As these situations are finalized, updates will be shared continually via our mass notification system and the District website at  Additionally, we will schedule a virtual community forum to share information about our full return, and to address any questions you may have.  

In accordance with your responses to our recent “Increased In-Person Learning Survey,” changes are as follows:

  • For those parents/guardians who select(ed) increased in-person learning for their child: full-time (5 days per week) in-person learning for your child will resume on April 12, 2021.  
  • For those parents/guardians who indicate(d) their child will remain fully remote: no further action is required; your child will continue to participate in fully-remote learning. 
  • For those parents/guardians who indicate(d) that they would like to transition their child from hybrid to fully-remote learning: you will receive additional information from your child’s school regarding the implementation of this option.

If you have already completed the survey and wish to change your response based on this new information, please contact your child's school. 

Our continued success largely depends upon each person doing their part each and every day.  Daily health screenings, the use of properly fitted and constructed masks, continued attention to hand and respiratory hygiene, maximizing physical distancing, and the use of face shields are among the most important mitigation measures we can take.  Protecting the three routes of viral entry (i.e. mouth, nose, and eyes) is paramount to minimizing the risk of transmission of COVID-19 should an individual encounter someone who is infected and contagious.  

Please ensure your child’s mask is well-fitted and made of a minimum of two-layers of a tight-knit material.  The use of N95, KN95, or surgical masks is strongly encouraged while gaiters, bandanas, and other thin and/or single-layered face coverings are strongly discouraged.  Please send your child(ren) to school with spare masks for their use should theirs become soiled or damaged.  

If you have specific questions regarding your child or their school or program, please contact the principal(s) at your child’s school.  Thank you for your continued support of our efforts to provide the best opportunities for our students in the safest manner possible.


Brian K. Bellair, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools