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Open Letter to the Whitesboro School Community from the Board of Education

April 23, 2021

Dear Whitesboro School Community:

As a Board of Education team, we want to share our appreciation for each one of you for how you navigated this year with the never-ending changes impacting our District. Even with the impact of the most recent cluster, the Whitesboro Central school community rose to the top to meet the challenges head on.

Whether our District Leadership Team, staff, students and parents, each of you have been resilient throughout these pandemic times. We realize that in a minute, your lives could be uprooted with online instruction, having to find child care, or taking your children for a COVID test. But, like a true Warrior, you met these challenges head on for your school, your family, and your community. The work we did everyday was groundbreaking to say the least. No one can predict what our future will bring as it relates to the ever-changing pandemic times. But, as your Board of Education, we will continue to prioritize our students, staff and community safety, while preparing our students to meet the rigors of our educational mission.

In closing let us say to you, thank you for your willingness to change direction on a moment’s notice when we were forced to close our buildings over a year ago. Whitesboro was one of the few districts in the area that was prepared to educate our students remotely. This is a tribute to the forethought of our District Leadership Team. Whitesboro pulled together to completely rethink the way we do business, whether in education or food service to technology and athletics. We did it with pride and determination. That is what makes Whitesboro the pinnacle of success in education.  Stay safe and be well.



Whitesboro Central School District Board of Education