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Students Compete in Annual Rob Ellis 5th Grade Track Meet

On June 2, 5th grade students from each of the elementary schools throughout the Whitesboro Central School District had the opportunity to compete in running, jumping, relays and tug-of-war events during the Annual Rob Ellis 5th Grade Track Meet held at Wadas Field.

The track meet was split into two sessions, with Deerfield and Westmoreland Road elementary schools competing in the first half and Hart’s Hill and Marcy elementary schools competing in the second half. The annual event is something that 5th grade students and their teachers look forward to each year, and it was a fun way to partake in some friendly competitions while also enjoying the beautiful weather.

After results were tallied, the first-, second- and third-place winners in each event were named, and Hart’s Hill Elementary was named the overall winner.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to make this event a success once again!


High Jump
1st Place: Sofia Adams (Hart’s Hill) – 4’1” and Sawyer Smith (Hart’s Hill) – 4’3”
2nd Place: Alliah Dzuria (Deerfield) – 3’4” and Matther Ryan (West. Rd.) – 3’7”
3rd Place: Jillian Huening (West. Rd.) – 3’4” and Connor Hagen (Hart’s Hill) – 3’7”

Long Jump
1st Place: Chloe Rowan (Hart’s Hill) – 10’; Briana Urgan (Marcy) – 10’; and Russell Piacentino (Deerfield) – 11’10”
2nd Place: Mia LaShure (West. Rd.) – 8’10”; Autumn Maziarz (Deerfield) – 8’10”; and Ryan Rodriguez (West. Rd.) – 10’9”
3rd Place: Isabella Darling (Deerfield) – 8’8” and Caden Meiss (Marcy) – 10’7”

55M Dash
1st Place: Maisey Gerace (Hart’s Hill) – 9.04 and Leon Kline (West. Rd.) – 9.20
2nd Place: Ella Delia (Hart’s Hill) – 9.12 and Devontae Enoch (Hart’s Hill) – 9.37
3rd Place: Bella Collis (Hart’s Hill) – 9.16 and Angelo Cavalier (Hart’s Hill) – 9.39

100M Dash
1st Place: Mary Kate Nofri (Hart’s Hill) – 15.73 and Russell Piacentino (Deerfield) – 14.68
2nd Place: Reaghan Henderson (Marcy) – 15.76 and Landon Vincent (Marcy) – 15.53
3rd Place: Eleanora Dubina (Hart’s Hill) – 15.77 and Landon Pearsall (Hart’s Hill) – 15.54

200M Dash
1st Place: Hannah Williams (Hart’s Hill) – 32.53 and Jake Hall (Hart’s Hill) – 31.98
2nd Place: Alexis Williams (Deerfield) – 33.71 and Colin LoGalbo (Deerfield) -34.18
3rd Place: Karolina Kuchta (Marcy) – 34.93 and Aidyn Spight (Marcy) – 35.55

Medley Relay
1st Place: Hart’s Hill Girls Team #1 – 1:08.74 and Hart’s Hill Boys Team #1 – 1:10.42
2nd Place: Hart’s Hill Girls Team #2 – 1:12.31 and Marcy Boys Team #1 – 1:13.29
3rd Place: Deerfield Girls Team #1 – 1:12.9 and Hart’s Hill Boys Team #2 – 1:13.96

4x100M Relay
1st Place: Hart’s Hill Girls – 1:05.67 and Hart’s Hill Boys – 1:04.07
2nd Place: Marcy Girls – 1:08.24 and Deerfield Boys – 1:06.37
3rd Place: Deerfield – 1:09.88 and Marcy Boys – 1:08.31

1st Place: West. Rd. Girls Blue and Marcy Girls Blue; Marcy Boys Blue and West. Rd. Boys #1
2nd Place: Deerfield Girls #2 and Marcy Girls White; Marcy Boys White and Deerfield Boys #1

Point Totals
Hart’s Hill: 45
Marcy: 25
Deerfield: 23
West. Rd.: 16

Click here to view a photo galley of Deerfield and West. Rd.

Click here to view a photo gallery of Hart's Hill and Marcy.

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