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COVID-19 Exposure Notifications

Timely notification of parents regarding potential COVID exposures is essential to our mitigation efforts. To that end, we have modified our contact tracing notification system, effective today, Tuesday, September 14. 

Low-Risk Exposure Notifications

To more efficiently notify parents of low-risk exposures that require only daily symptom monitoring, we have created a page on our website on which we will post locations (including buses) where low-risk exposures may have occurred, by date and building, along with the end date for symptom monitoring for each potential exposure.  

The web address is:

Parents/Guardians should check this page daily; this replaces the mass notification phone call system previously used to communicate exposure notificationsFor your convenience, we recommend you bookmark the page(s) that are applicable to your child/ren.

Quarantine and Isolation Notifications

Depending upon volume, parents/guardians will receive a phone call from school staff or a mass notification phone call/email if their child/ren must quarantine or isolate per the Oneida County Health Department (OCDOH). Please understand that in these cases the Oneida County Health Department is the agency requiring quarantine and/or isolation. The school district works collaboratively with the OCDOH to assist with contact tracing and timely communication with families. 

We appreciate your continued cooperation as we continue to navigate the pandemic and keep our schools safe and open for our students.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact your child’s school. Thank you.