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Forensics Class Processes a Scene

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Mr. John Bertrand’s Forensic classes were presented with yet another crime to solve this year. This time, another homicide (mock) here at the high school, complete with a real victim, perpetrator, motive, and evidence to solve it.

Each year since taking over this course four years ago, Mr. Bertrand, who prides himself on creating real-life experiences with his classes, has created a solvable crime with his students to engage in — choosing specific forensic roles, and become immersed in the “who dunnit” of forensics investigation.

In addition, throughout the year, Mr. Bertrand brings in working professionals and specialists to give the students a real-world approach to their experience.

In the pictures shown in blue, Officer Frank Allen, who recently was certified as a Crime Scene Photography Specialist, offered his time to instruct the students on proper crime scene photography, and offer some techniques learned through his own experiences.

In the past, Mr. Bertrand has also had in the classroom: officers from Oneida County Sheriff’s Office, New York State Police, and an Oneida County Judge.

That’s not it, as Mr. Bertrand has also taken his classes to visit Herkimer College’s Forensic Labs for a day of hands-on training.

In a quip Mr. Bertrand said, “this is good training for Officer Allen to return to Whitesboro High School, and teach this class after his retirement.”

The question is, can they solve the mystery?