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Wolfspeed Visits Whitesboro

Students in Ms. D’Accurzio’s English 12 class recently had the opportunity to interact with members of the Wolfspeed team. Wolfspeed is a powerhouse semiconductor company focused on silicon carbide and GaN technologies. Students were informed about the addition of the largest silicon carbide FAB lab which is located right in their home district, Marcy.

Members from the team provided students with an overview of the semiconductor industry. Students were informed about opportunities in engineering, math and computer science. The difference between silicon and silicon carbide was explained as well as the educational pathways required to work in the microelectronics and/or semiconductor industry.

The OHM BOCES School and Business Alliance (SABA) provides career exploration opportunities for students and helps them to make informed decisions about their future in the ever changing workforce. We look forward to partnering with Wolfspeed for additional opportunities allowing for internships and business tours.