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Parkway Students Learn About World Language Options

On February 2, Parkway students attended a presentation showcasing the world language options they will have next year in seventh grade. The students were greeted by the World Language Department Chair Sra. Dean as well as the middle school world language faculty members. The sixth grade school counselor Mrs. Kuhn will be meeting with students in the upcoming weeks, so the language instructors shared some important information and thoughtful insight to assist the students in their language pursuits. 

Students entering seventh grade are able to choose between American Sign Language (ASL), taught by Miss Shepherd; Spanish, instructed by Sra. Discavage, Sra. Jennings and Srta. Murphy; and French taught by Mme. Rowley. The middle school teachers mentioned some of the benefits of learning a world language, including the potential for more job offerings in the future, the ability to acquire a better understanding of other cultures and people, as well as the opportunity to make stronger connections between other middle school courses they will be taking.

Additional details shared in the presentation included the number of countries that speak Spanish and French, cultural interests (art, sports, cuisine, etc.), as well as landmarks, special events and celebrated holidays. The faculty members emphasized that choosing a language is an exciting time, and it may help to think about areas one may aspire to travel to, whether a student has family members who speak a particular language, ideas about a future career and connections to hobbies and other interests. Furthermore, students were reminded that studying a language is about all of these aspects, not just the actual language itself! Students can see this in action by attending the monthly International Club meetings held in the middle school.

The World Language Department encourages students and guardians to review the slideshows HERE to further the discussion about language choice at home.